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What is Hydro Jetting?

What is Hydro Jetting?


Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive plumbing solution that efficiently clears the interior of your pipes by eliminating blockages. It utilizes water at high-pressure, sometimes up to 35,000 PSI. This service can clear debris, clogs, and build-up from the plumbing system.


When is it Necessary?


If your sink has a foul odor coming from it and it repeatedly clogs, you might need jetting. You should always have it inspected by a professional before scheduling service. A Chattanooga plumbing expert can help in eliminating the obstructions in your pipes and help you to live peacefully.


Are There Any Risks Involved?


Hydro Jetting is a bad idea if the pipes are damaged due to root infestation. The high-water pressure would just further damage the pipes. Apart from that, it would also not work if the waterproof coating of the pipe is damaged.


Before setting up service, make sure the plumber inspects the pipes thoroughly. Visual inspection of the plumbing system utilizing video camera equipment is a necessary step that should not be overlooked. This will help you make the right decision and avoid more harm to your plumbing system.


Steps in the process:


  1. Your licensed plumber locates your systems “clean out”, which is an easily accessible access point for your plumbing system.
  2. He or she uses a camera to inspect your pipes before jetting. They look for damage inside the system, such as broken or cracking pipes, which may be made worse by jetting your system.
  3. Your plumber inserts the jetting hose downstream into the plumbing line. The hose is then pressurized and fed throughout your pipes.
  4. Your plumber sets the water pressure to the level appropriate for the condition of your pipes. It usually requires a water pressure of up to 35.000 psi.
  5. This removes the debris and build-up from the inside of the pipe walls. Gravity pulls the debris down into the home plumbing system and flushes it safely out of the home.


In Summary


Whenever you have a serious problem with clogging and slow drainage, we recommend that you have a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. Hydro Jetting is a solution that eliminates these materials by combining high water pressure and gravity but is not the solution for every drain issue. A professional Chattanooga plumbing expert like Poop Dudes will assess your needs and provide you with the best solution to clear your pipes.

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