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Septic Line Repair- Main Line Blockages- Poop Dudes

Have you noticed your sink or shower is draining more slowly than usual? This may be because of the build-up or blockage of the main septic line. A blockage in your septic lines can be caused by different variables. If you find that the water comes from the drain or toilet, it is a bad sign that your main septic line is clogged and you may need septic line repair.


Possible causes of clogging include broken pipes caused by tree roots, sagging drain pipes, the disposal of chemicals in the toilet, or the drainage of grease.


A backed-up sink or toilet will drain inside rather than properly draining through the pipes. This can result in wastewater flooding your home. A clog in the main septic line may be a major concern, but there are a few things you can do to unclog the main septic line. Many people do not want to take on this challenge and call a local septic tank service in Chattanooga like the Poop Dudes for septic line repair.


Hydro jetting is a safe and efficient solution for cleaning and clearing your main septic line. Rather than excavate your yard or destroy your infrastructure, it works from the inside of your pipes. Since it saves you both time and money, it’s a cost-effective option. It is also an effective option, since it accurately targets the location and extent of your blockage or blockage, allowing the hydro jetting nozzle to be precisely positioned. This powerful technique combats stubborn clogs like grease, soap scum, debris, and even tree roots and leaves that can block your pipes from flowing.


If your main septic line is blocked or obstructed, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Call a local septic tank service in Chattanooga like Poop Dudes and enlist the skills and expertise of our septic line repair specialists today.

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