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Guide to Septic Cleaning:

If you’ve never had a septic tank before, the transition may be stressful.  In our experience at Poop Dudes, many first-time septic system owners are overwhelmed by their new maintenance responsibilities and septic cleaning. Unlike with a public sewer system, the duty to care for your system is entirely yours, and it is reasonable to get anxious about it. Our team has put together a short guide for new septic owners to help you make the adjustment as simple as possible. We’ll explain everything you need to know about septic cleaning so you can properly maintain this vital system so you don’t need emergency septic pumping.


Your septic system explained:


Your septic systems work by waste flowing through your septic lines into your tank, where the solids sink to the bottom. The wastewater then leaves the tank and travels to the drain field for filtration. After filtration, the clean water travels through the drain field and filters into the soil in your yard. Bacteria in the tank break down the solids and turns them into a liquid sludge. These components build up in the tank, causing it to need pumping every couple of years. Calling an experienced septic repair person will ensure that your system is functioning correctly.


The Poop Dudes are a team that is ready to help with septic pumping service. We can pump your septic system quickly and efficiently while leaving no mess behind. With our assistance, we can keep your septic tank clean and prevent any stress you might experience from maintaining your septic system yourself. 


Rather than constantly worrying about your septic system, we have some solutions in place to help you with your septic pumping service and maintenance. If you find an issue that needs addressing quickly, we are available 24/7 for emergency septic pumping and repair. Call the Poop Dudes today.

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