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Plumbing Services

Poop Dudes Plumbing Services

Finding quality plumbing services can be a struggle to find at times. Making sure that you have a professional that can offer you the best in water line repair and sewer line repair is crucial for the future of your home. Our team is licensed and trained to handle whatever needs you might have. Give us a call today and let us know how we may best serve you. Call us at 423-424-9120.

Plumbing Services: Main Water Line Repairs

Main water lines play an important role in directing the water into your compound for all your needs. Due to the crucial role your main water line plays, it is susceptible to wear and tear. This is why most individuals experience main water line problems at some point. Ensure that your main water line is in perfect condition if you want to continue getting an uninterrupted water flow. Our hardworking, dedicated, and certified team is ready to solve issues that might affect water flow to your property. Call us for professional and timely emergency plumbing to save you time and money.

Common Water Line Problems

Your main water line is prone to wear and tear due to various reasons, including external corrosion and rust from frost or the soil. More so, your main water pipe might burst due to constant pressure. If this happens, water could flood your home or into the streets. If not addressed quickly, it can also lead to water contamination in your home or business. It is advisable to stop using appliances to reduce the chances of injury due to electric shock. Do not drink water to avoid waterborne diseases.

The best thing to do when you notice a water leak is to locate the shutoff valve. It is located next to your water meter. You may need a water meter key to shut it off. Water valves are also susceptible to wear and tear due to overuse and constant pressure. Gate valves are more susceptible to wear and tear than other types of valves. Contact Poop Dudes' professional plumbers for a quick resolution.

How to Detect Common Issues in Your Main Water Lines?

Ignoring issues in your main water lines can have devastating and expensive repercussions. Apart from soil erosion, a leak in your main water line can also damage your floors and walls. Water contamination, mildew, and mold issues might also arise. Above all, your water bill will increase. The good news is that you can detect these issues before they get out of hand. Here are some tell-tale signs that show you need to have your main water line repaired or replaced:

• Higher water bill.
• Mold and mildew on the walls.
• Sudden running water sounds.
• Puddles in your yard.

Call the leading plumbers Chattanooga has to offer if you notice any or all of these issues for a quick resolution and lasting solutions.

Plumbing Services: Sewer Line Repairs

Your sewer lines are some of the most important parts of your plumbing system when it comes to your health. Keeping them in good condition is vital to avoid major problems affecting both your health and your pocket. If you’re concerned about your sewer line, it’s best to have it inspected as soon as possible. At Poop Dudes, we can come out to your home to inspect the sewer line. If there is a problem, we can recommend whether or not the pipe can be cleaned out or if it needs to be repaired.

Common Sewer Line Problems

Our team offers 24-hour emergency plumbing services when your plumbing is not working as it should.

Some common causes of sewer line issues:

• Tree roots that overpower piping and interfere with draining.
• Corrosion that is due to a build-up in old and worn-out pipes.
• Bellied areas of piping cracking due to soil erosion.
• Leaking at elbows or joints, caused by decay or insufficient sealants.
• Pipes leaking due to insufficient slope or grading.

What Can Happen To My Sewer Line?

If your pipes are damaged beyond repair, they may need to be replaced. Sewer line clogs typically affect your toilets first, as they drain directly into the sewer line. The main sewer line then brings all these wastes to either the septic tank or the sewer line. If your sewer line backs up inside of your home, it can damage your flooring and cabinets. If left unattended, leaking sewer water can lead to mold and mildew. It can also cause other serious issues such as structural damage.

Have you noticed a sewage smell or come across standing water and extra damp areas around your home or business? One of the worst pipe malfunctions one can experience is a broken sewer pipe. Cracked sewer pipes are not only costly to repair; they can present serious health hazards. Poop Dudes serve clients in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. We assist clients with leak detection and repair services of clogged or broken sewer lines. If you are looking for the best plumber in town, call the Poop Dudes. Poop Dudes professionals specializing in septic inspection, septic installation, septic tank pumping, septic repair, and plumbing services. We also provide 24/7 emergency plumbing.

POOP DUDES offers 24/7 Emergency Service