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Local Septic Tank Service: Caring for an older septic system

If you have a home with an older septic system, you need to have a local septic tank service maintaining it. Your septic system will age over time, but you shouldn’t have to stress about it affecting your home. 


Septic systems are great and will continue to be used well into the future. Many authorities would consider them environmentally friendly, and they are an excellent option for rural properties if you have the space for them. 


The average cost to replace your system can get expensive. The good news is if you are willing to take care of your septic system, you can extend its lifespan. Here are some tips for managing your septic system:


Tracking water usage:


Using too much water in your home can flood your septic system. A good septic system will let the water process slowly. Your septic tank can cause extra water to force its way back into the pipes in your home when you overuse water in everyday tasks. 


Do not flush certain items:


Toilet paper should be the only foreign waste item you don’t produce that can be flushed into a septic system. When you flush wipes, paper towels, or other things down the toilet like grease, it can cause a severe problem with your septic line. Do not flush anything that is not designed to be flushed down into the septic system. 


Do not build on top of a septic system:


If you build anything on top of your septic system, it can cause cracks in the tank and damage the system. Septic systems aren’t made to support the weight of a structure. Try to avoid building or planting trees or shrubs in the area where your septic system sits.


Keep some of these top ideas in mind regarding the extended use of your septic system. If you run into problems, be sure to contact one of our local septic tank service experts. Call the Poop Dudes today. We offer 24/7 emergency service. 

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