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Leach Field Repair or Replacement?

Usually, drain fields fail due to being continuously saturated by wastewater. When stagnant water sits in these pipes, bacterial mats form around the walls. These mats do not allow water to exit the pipe, so the water backs up the line, leading to you needing Leach field repair.

A septic system is designed to handle a certain amount of water. This is determined before the system is installed. It is determined by the number of people in the household. If a house is sold to a new family that exceeds the amount of water the system is capable of handling, this can lead to over-saturation in the drain fields, causing them to fail.

There are signs you can look for that may indicate issues are to come. Does your drain have a gurgling sound or drain slower than usual? Does water backflow from your drains in the lower level of your house leaving stagnant water in your sinks or tubs? If yes, then you might need to look into local septic tank pumping. A lot of the time these signs are more noticeable after a lot of water has been used, like after having guests over or on laundry day. Try to be mindful of your water usage and conserve water to give your system a break, if possible.

Bacteria in septic tanks are only capable of breaking down about 50% of the solids. The other accumulates in the bottom of the tank until it is pumped out. Filtered water exits the tank through the drain lines. If it has been a while since your last local septic tank pumping, then chances are washing multiple loads of laundry or taking long showers will cause too much water to enter the tank at once. This might push solids out of the tank into the drain field, possibly causing a clog.

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix and you will need leach field repair or replacement. Oftentimes leach field repair consists of an inspection of the system, excavation of your drain lines, adding new soil or gravel to existing fields, or relocating the field to a new area. Another solution is that an additional field is added to help take the stress of the existing field and allow it to dry out. Whatever the situation, the Poop Dudes are here to help you with any septic system issue you face.

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