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Chattanooga Septic Systems: Common Septic System Myths

Chattanooga septic systems come with some myths that need to be dispelled. For you to appropriately care for your septic system, you need to differentiate between facts and misinformation.

Some advice can be detrimental to your system. Here are some common septic system myths and the facts behind them:

  1. From Yeast to Dead Cats and Mice

Many theories exist about how best to start up a new septic system. You may have been told to ‘seed’ the septic tank to kick start bacterial growth. Advice often ranges from flushing yeast into the system to placing dead cats or mice in the septic tank!

Septic systems need bacteria to work. However, you don’t need any ‘seeding’ to get it started. Simply using the system provides all the required bacteria to make it function.

  1. Pumping is Unnecessary

This myth is peddled by additive sellers who claim to eliminate the need to pump your septic tank. Such products promise to add enzymes, bacteria, or chemical degreasers to enable complete sewage digestion in your system.

Such claims are not based on evidence. The EPA recommends pumping for all household septic tanks every three to five years. The frequency of pumping depends on your household size, wastewater generated, and tank size.

  1. You can Flush Anything Down the System

The truth is that anything that goes down the drain will affect how your septic system works. One easy rule of thumb is that you should not flush anything besides toilet paper and human waste.

Coffee grounds, wet wipes, condoms, feminine products, and chemicals like paint, oil, or pesticides are recipes for disaster. You will end up killing the bacteria or clogging the entire system.

You should always dispose of waste properly. Remember, Chattanooga septic systems are not trash cans. They can serve you for decades with proper care and maintenance.

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