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Chattanooga Septic Field Line Repair

Quality Chattanooga Septic Field Line Repair and Replacement.

Is your septic system having issues? Trust the experts at Poop Dudes for all of your septic system needs.

If you are having trouble with your system, you don’t want to trust your system to an amateur. The Poop Dudes have served the Chattanooga area for years offering Chattanooga Septic Field Line Repair and Replacement. We are available 24/7 for emergency service and we offer free estimates.


What Causes a Field Line to Fail?

Field lines may become clogged or obstructed causing them to fail. Leach lines receive wastewater from your septic tank after it’s been purified. Drain fields should allow water to naturally evaporate or seep into the ground or underlying soil. Sometimes, when the tank is too full it can cause sludge and debris to enter into your drain field and clog your lines. The build-up is likely to happen at the T-joints. T-joints can also break or clog as the septic tank settles. Other reasons that cause field line failure are heavy rain and flooding of the area around your drain field causing water to back up into the tank. Tree roots can penetrate through field lines and cause them to break leading to field line replacement.


Do I need Field Line Replacement or repair?

When your drain becomes sluggish or even stops, it’s probably a good idea to repair or replace them. Although snaking can fix some field line issues, most issues call for more aggressive action. It might be an option to add lateral drain fields to your existing system. This will help lessen the likely-hood of having drain field issues again.

Some obvious signs of an obstructed drain field are gurgling drains throughout the house, sluggish draining water, water that backflows out of floor drains, and ponding water in the yard. These symptoms are most pronounced on days when a considerable amount of wastewater is produced (e.g., laundry day). Every septic system is designed to manage a pre-determined amount of wastewater. If a household continually exceeds this limit, the leach field cannot function properly and problems arise.


Drain Field Installation

The most important decision when installing your drain field is the location. Our septic experts will examine your property and soil to determine the best location for your field line replacement or new drain field. The area around the existing drain field will be excavated and removed. Sand and gravel are then brought and added to the field. Sometimes older systems are not designed properly and need to be redesigned to work properly. If your system requires a new lateral drain field, we will strategically place a new field adjacent to your existing field and connect the lines to your system.


Our team at Poop Dudes can assist you with your Chattanooga Septic Field Line Repair. We will comply with all Tennessee’s regulations and install your drain field carefully to ensure it is durable and in accordance with state and local regulations. Call us today, 423-424-9120.

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