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Best Plumbing in Chattanooga Septic Plumbing 101

Best Plumbing in Chattanooga, repaired septic plumbing

Septic systems are invaluable in homes not connected to the public sewer system. They treat wastewater from your home’s plumbing fixtures like toilets, laundry, and kitchens through technological and natural processes. You have to properly maintain your septic system to avoid expenses, drainage issues, and dealing with raw sewage. The first step towards proper maintenance is…

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Guide to Septic Cleaning:

Septic Cleaning, a pic of inside a septic tank

If you’ve never had a septic tank before, the transition may be stressful.  In our experience at Poop Dudes, many first-time septic system owners are overwhelmed by their new maintenance responsibilities and septic cleaning. Unlike with a public sewer system, the duty to care for your system is entirely yours, and it is reasonable to get anxious about…

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Local Septic Tank Service: Caring for an older septic system

If you have a home with an older septic system, you need to have a local septic tank service like the Poop Dudes, maintaining it. Your septic system will age over time, but you shouldn’t have to stress about it affecting your home.    Septic systems are great and will continue to be used well…

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Septic Alarms: Emergency Septic Service Near Me

emergency septic service near me, dug up septic system

If you have ever searched for an emergency septic service near me, then you have looked for assistance with your septic system. One thing essential to consider is a septic alarm. Septic alarms can provide you with an early warning system that your tank is nearing capacity. It will go off before your septic tank…

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What to Look for in an Emergency Septic Service:

emergency septic services, septic tank

When you are looking for emergency septic service in Chattanooga, you will likely be searching for a contractor that can provide you with the best results in your area. Knowing the best qualities to look for in a Chattanooga emergency septic service will often come down to choosing someone that can offer you better customer…

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Do Not Flush Rules and Why You Should Follow Them

emergency septic service, water swirling

Do Not Flush Rules and Why You Should Follow Them Septic care starts with how you treat your septic system. This includes what you put down your drains. One of the best things you can do for your septic system is to follow the Do Not Flush Rule. If you are unaware of what this…

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What is Hydro Jetting?

Chattanooga Plumbers, hydro jetting, emergency plumbing in Chattanooga

What is Hydro Jetting?   Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive plumbing solution that efficiently clears the interior of your pipes by eliminating blockages. It utilizes water at high-pressure, sometimes up to 35,000 PSI. This service can clear debris, clogs, and build-up from the plumbing system.   When is it Necessary?   If your sink has…

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Leach Field Repair or Replacement?

Leach field-repair, Chattanooga leach field repair, leach field

Usually, drain fields fail due to being continuously saturated by wastewater. When stagnant water sits in these pipes, bacterial mats form around the walls. These mats do not allow water to exit the pipe, so the water backs up the line, leading to you needing Leach field repair. A septic system is designed to handle a…

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Quality Septic Pumping- A Healthy Septic System- Poop Dudes

Quality septic pumping, chattanooga septic pumping, guy pumping tank

Your septic tank might not be on the top of your mind. We’ve had numerous customers say they have never had a problem with their septic systems until one night s*** hits the fan (pun intended). Hopefully, you are one of the lucky ones and your alarm goes off before you find your bathroom or…

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Septic Line Repair- Main Line Blockages- Poop Dudes

septic line repair | Chattanooga Septic, inground plumbing

Have you noticed your sink or shower is draining more slowly than usual? This may be because of the build-up or blockage of the main septic line. A blockage in your septic lines can be caused by different variables. If you find that the water comes from the drain or toilet, it is a bad…

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