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Septic cleaning service: Septic System Maintenance Tips

Septic cleaning service, Septic System Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your septic system is not hard. It doesn’t have to dig a hole into your wallet either. Here are some expert tips from our septic cleaning service to help you keep your septic system healthy: Frequently Inspect and Pump You need to have septic service professionals inspect your household septic system at least once…

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Affordable Septic Service: Does the Weather Affect Your Septic Tank?

affordable septic service Does the Weather Affect Your Septic Tank

Yes! Different weather conditions can impact your septic tank and system. Luckily Poop Dudes offers affordable septic service. Here’s what you need to know: Cold Weather The bacteria that digest the waste in your septic tank are susceptible to temperature. Digestion of waste is a temperature-dependent process. Colder temperatures hinder the effective breakdown of waste…

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Chattanooga Septic Systems: Common Septic System Myths

Chattanooga septic systems, common septic system myths

Chattanooga septic systems come with some myths that need to be dispelled. For you to appropriately care for your septic system, you need to differentiate between facts and misinformation. Some advice can be detrimental to your system. Here are some common septic system myths and the facts behind them: From Yeast to Dead Cats and…

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Septic Field Lines: Springtime Complications for Your Septic System

Septic field lines, Springtime Complications for Your Septic System

Springtime is often accompanied by septic system problems and failures for many homeowners. It’s a wet time of year, and heavy rains can significantly impact your waste management system, especially your septic field lines. You should look out for these common springtime complications for your septic system: Flooded Drainfield In spring, rain increases in volume…

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Septic Tank Plumbing: Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Septic Tank Plumbing, Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Underground septic tank plumbing lines can get damaged or worn out after a while, and you have to replace or repair them. Drain pipes from your home or septic tank require periodic maintenance. In the past, this would have meant tearing apart your entire yard. It’s destructive, time-consuming, and costly. Fortunately, trenchless plumbing makes the…

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How Long Does A Septic System Last?

septic system service near me

A septic system can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years. The range is extensive because the average lifespan of septic systems varies depending on various factors. Your septic system will likely fail if you don’t perform routine maintenance.  Septic system maintenance can seem like an uphill task. But that’s where septic system service near…

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Best Plumbing in Chattanooga Septic Plumbing 101

Best Plumbing in Chattanooga

Septic systems are invaluable in homes not connected to the public sewer system. They treat wastewater from your home’s plumbing fixtures like toilets, laundry, and kitchens through technological and natural processes. You have to properly maintain your septic system to avoid expenses, drainage issues, and dealing with raw sewage. The first step towards proper maintenance is…

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Guide to Septic Cleaning:

Septic Cleaning

If you’ve never had a septic tank before, the transition may be stressful.  In our experience at Poop Dudes, many first-time septic system owners are overwhelmed by their new maintenance responsibilities and septic cleaning. Unlike with a public sewer system, the duty to care for your system is entirely yours, and it is reasonable to get anxious about…

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