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Affordable Septic Service: Does the Weather Affect Your Septic Tank?

Yes! Different weather conditions can impact your septic tank and system. Luckily Poop Dudes offers affordable septic service. Here’s what you need to know:

Cold Weather

The bacteria that digest the waste in your septic tank are susceptible to temperature. Digestion of waste is a temperature-dependent process. Colder temperatures hinder the effective breakdown of waste in septic tanks.

Your septic system can also freeze in winter or frigid weather. Freezing problems are common in the septic tank, the pipes coming from the house to the septic tank and the pipes from the septic tank to the treatment area.  If this happens to you, we offer affordable septic service to make sure that you are well taken care of!

Frequent use can prevent your tank from freezing even in the coldest weather. In case of infrequent use, you should think about burying your tank more deeply. You can also place mulch layers at least a foot deep over the tank or shovel snow over the area.

Rain and Flooding

Heavy rains can cause the area above the septic tank or the drain field area to flood. If your septic tank’s lid is not watertight, water can enter the tank. Rainwater flooded on the drain field can drip through the backfill, saturate the trenches and cause backflow into the tank.

Your septic tank could fill up quickly, toilets and sinks would stop draining, and untreated water from the tank could flow back into your house. Septic systems that use electricity could malfunction when flooded, and you have to turn them off.

Ensure you seal or plug all drains in the basement to prevent the backing up of sewage into your house. A simple way to reduce the risk of sewage backing up during floods is to minimize water usage.

When floodwaters recede, ensure you use a professional septic service provider to clean and disinfect areas affected by backflow. Inspection and routine service can ensure your tank remains operational in any type of weather. Make sure to find a company that offers affordable septic service.

Call the Poop Dudes for any plumbing or septic issues that may arise. We offer 24/7 emergency services.

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